Our previous tours

ARENA SPORT AND TRAVEL +ARENA Group s.r.o was established in 1991

Below are all of our tours with photos for your perusal.  

Bratislava-Slovakia 1991 est. Tennis club Tenis Arena www.tenisarena.sk- sports camps for children


Bolzano- Children tennis camps in 1993

Prague-1994 - Czech Republic est. Tennis cooperation with USPTR. Professional tennis coach organization USA

New York- USA 1999 Cours tennis coach.

Brno-Czech Republic 2001 Children's Tennis  Tournament

Gyor-Hungary 2001 Children's Tennis Tournament

Bangkok-2002 Thailand- Children's Tennis Tournament

Taiwan-2002 China-  International Children's Games

Graz-2003 Austria -International Children's Games

Antalya-2003 Turkey- Children's Tennis Camps 

Athens-2003 Greece-International Children's Games

Cape Town-2004  Company developed  to South Africa

Slovakia-Czech Rep.-2005 - Handri Westmann-Tennis Tour To Europe  photos

Austria -Czech.Rep.-Slovakia-2007-Athlone Academy Of Music-Education Tour photos

Cape Town-2007 RSA-Slovakia Canens Girls Choir photos

Slovakia - Austria-2007 RSA Invitation Tennis Representation photos

Hungary -Austria -Czech .Rep.-Slovakia-Qatar-2007 RSA invitation Tennis Representation photos

Hungary-Austria-Czech.Rep.-Slovakia-Qatar-2008 Athlone Academy of Music-Education Tour photos

Bratislava-2008 est . Arena Sport&Travel s.r.o. - www.from2Africa.eu

Cape Town-RSA-2008 High School Kremnicka Bratislava-Slovakia-Education Tour photos

Cape Town-2009 High School Bilikova-Education Tour photos

Cape Town-Gynecology Congres 2009-Education Tour photos

Cape Town-Dermatology Congres 2009-Education Tour photos

Italy-Czech Rep.-Austria-2009 RSA invitation Tennis representation-Sport Tour photos

Slovakia-Hungary-Austria-Czech Rep.-2009 RSA invitation Tennis representation  photos

Slovakia-Hungary-Austria-Prague-2009 Girls Choir La Rochelle Paarl-Music Tour photos

Hungary-Austria-Czech Rep.-Slovakia-Music Tour 2010-Education Tour photos

Cape Town-World Soccer Cup-2010 Group of Slovak Fans

Skupina podnikateľov zo Slovenska 2011  photos                               

Spring Tour Europe 2011  photos

Bloemhof Music Tour 2011  photos

Athlone Academy of Music Cape Town 2012 photos

Jeffryes Bay Group  2012 photos

St.Josephs Marist College Cape Town 2012 photos

La Rochelle Girls High School Paarl  2012 photos

Jazykovo vzdelavací program s Gretou Jaško v Kapskom Meste  2012 photos

Rhenish Girls High School Stellenbosch 2012 photos

Western Province Tennis 2013 photos

Historicko vzdelavací pobyt v Europe jún 2014 Norman Henshilwood High School photos

St.Josephs Marist College Cape Town 2014 photos

Rhenish Girls High School Stellenbosch 2015 Academical Tour - Italy,Germany Austria Czech Republic photos

Norman Henshilwood High School - History  Education Tour Europe 2016 5 Countries Hungary,Germany,Austria,Slovakia,Italy. - 10 cities photos

Bellville High School High School - History Education Tour Europe 2016 Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava photos

West Coast Youth Orchestra International Music Festival July 2017